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Individual Counseling

My mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your emotions and develop strategies for long-term emotional and mental health. With my experience as a Board Certified Christian Counselor, I have developed expertise in a variety of counseling modalities and tailor my interventions to meet your unique needs. If you're ready to start your journey to healing and personal growth, I would be honored to work with you. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.


Marriage/ Couples  Counseling

At the end of the day, every relationship has its ups and downs. What sets strong relationships apart is the ability of those involved to work through those conflicts and come out even stronger on the other side. As a Board Certified Christian Counselor, I specialize in creating an environment where married couples can engage in open and honest conversation, work through issues constructively, and come up with practical solutions for building a relationship that truly stands the test of time.


Narcissistic Behavior Abuse

My own experiences drove me to study narcissistic abuse and understand the complexities surrounding it. I now work as an advocate and speaker, committed to sharing my findings and prevent others from experiencing the same pain that I did. I offer support to anyone who has been a victim of abuse and empower them with the tools they need to move on from the experience. If you have been affected by narcissistic abuse, know that you are not alone. Reach out for help today!


Domestic Violence Abuse Counseling

My personal experience with domestic violence has given me the determination to help others facing similar situations. Domestic violence is a devastating reality for many individuals, and I am here to help. I understand how difficult it can be to leave an abusive relationship. That is why I am dedicated to providing survivors with the resources, tools and support they need to break the cycle of abuse and rebuild their lives.

My Services
About Elva
About Elva Chase, BCCC

I am Elva Chase, a Pennsylvania native, founder, and president of Precious Hearts Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization and domestic violence agency. I am a dedicated domestic violence survivor and advocate. I also own a global book publishing firm, Esquire Publications.

It is my pleasure to partner with you on your journey. With my extensive experience and qualifications as a Board Certified Christian Counselor, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology, I offer personalized remedies to help you overcome and explore challenges alongside you and help you reach your goal of living a fulfilling life. My expertise spans various areas, including domestic violence, marriage counseling, anger management, depression, anxiety, mental healthnarcissistic behavior abuse, cognitive distortions, and addiction.


I will provide you with a secure and nurturing environment without judgment in dealing with past trauma or present difficulties with a focus on healing, hope, and happiness. With me, you can openly discuss your concerns and receive support, as I am here to walk with you in this process at your own pace. Take the first step towards your peace by scheduling your online session today.


Getting Help

If you are looking for additional resources to help you on your journey toward healing, hope, and wholeness, visit:

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